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About Us

We Build Dreams


Prasad Jagtap Realty 
Private Limited

We have a track record of excellence in all sectors of construction which has been achieved through path breaking technologies, innovative systems and incessant efforts from the members of the company. We take immense pride in the quality of work we do. Our motto is: ‘Always deliver more than expected’ and we strive to exceed the expectations of our customers.

We strictly adhere to the values and ideals of transparency and we use deep customer insights in developing innovative solutions. Our commitment to these values have led us to a steadfast bond with our customers. To this date, we have never had any litigation involving our company, ongoing or otherwise. Our company is driven by a commitment to deliver the best and our pursuit of excellence is unending and this has allowed us to raise the bar in various aspects such as quality, customer service, design, technology and so on.


We believe that it is the people that work in the company under the guidance of our visionaries, who make our company bubbling with talent, dynamism and inspiration. We enable continuous learning and build caring relationships based on trust and mutual respect which helps us reach highest standards of quality.


Our customers are our number one priority. Hence, we make sure that we reach utmost client satisfaction. We strive to be transparent and responsible in our conduct with no compromise on any of our ethics.


We are driven with a passion to raise the standards of our customers’ expectations from us as we take on new projects time and again. We believe in building projects that enhance the standard of your lives with new ideas, technology and designs delivered to you in the highest quality and within your budget.

We Aim to Build a Better World

We aim to build a better world:

We are committed to bettering the client satisfaction and experience every time we take on a project. We look to offer every customer an unique experience in terms of quality of the service we provide. We personalize his experience by providing him a transparent idea about the project specifications. Our projects are delivered within time and under the budget devised, exactly as committed.

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