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Prasad Jagtap Realty Pvt. Ltd is a distinguished real estate firm with a unique vision. We specialize in crafting exclusive properties that blend innovation with opulence. Our commitment to excellence, attention to detail, and unique design concepts redefine the art of luxurious living, making us a standout in the industry.

Team of Engineers

As your builder, we make sure that all the licensing documents required for the project are in place or in process. We make sure that the people subcontracted for the job are qualified and capable of getting the job done. 


As your contractor, we oversee and supervise various parts of the construction process. We are the link between your team and the central manager. Our contractors make sure that vendors provide us the construction material of the highest quality, within budget and on time.

Building Planning

A developer starts with a vision. We keep in mind not only the location and the budget but all the intricate details essential for a smooth and happy lifestyle. We focus on thoughtful designs that transform houses into homes and offices into innovation centers.

From Concept to Creation

End to end solutions in real estate since two decades

Commercial Construction

We specialize in designing, development and building of various commercial projects from restaurants to hospitals, office structures to high rise buildings, shopping centres and other industrial projects. We adhere to strict project guidelines and schedules to help the clients transform their dreams into reality.

Special projects

We collaborate with various professionals such as home designers, our own builders, craftspeople, contractors and more to provide you with the space that you envision. Leveraging our years of experience in this field, we diligently work to ensure that every need of yours is taken care of. We ensure every aspect of your vision is brought to life meticulously

Residential Construction

We combine our professional experience, craftsmanship and passion to deliver high quality work for primary construction and remodeling. We endeavor to fulfil your vision. We ensure that our approach is reliable and hands-on so that every facet of construction is done to your specifications and on schedule.

Site Management

We stay on top of the things at the site by maintaining an uncompromising standard for the progress on every project with respect to the time frame agreed upon. We maintain an amiable and engaging relationship with our direct and indirect staff, the immediate effect of that being the frictionless ongoing of the projects.  stay on track.

Pre Construction

Prior and timely planning is the most crucial step of any project. The more detailed the pre construction plan is, the greater is the scope of timely completion of the project within the planned budget. We help clients visualise their project in order for us to deliver top-notch service in terms of the construction


We make no compromises with the complete satisfaction of our client. This involves paying special attention to details such as the exterior of your property. We aim to enhance your property value by creating beautiful yard designs combining various colours, perennials and maintenance; thereby, beautifying your property as well as the neighbourhood.

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